Importing health care expense for W2 reporting.

IRS Guidelines on reporting Employer Sponsored Health Care costs

You can import healthcare premium information via an Excel spreadsheet (XLSX) or a CSV file.

If using an Excel spreadsheet, each column should be formatted as a string. For your convenience, a preformatted Excel file is available to download at the end of this article.

Regardless of the file type you are using, it should contain the following information:

  1. (Required) An employee identifier. It is recommended that you use the ReadyPay Employee ID. You can use the employee’s Social Security Number (SSN) instead. If using the employee’s SSN, it must be formatted as an 11-character string with leading zeroes and dashes.
  1. (Required) The amount to be reported in Box 12DD on Form W2. This amount is the total premium paid, including both employer and employee contributions.
  1. (Optional) Any additional employee identification, such as a name or address.

Once the information has been collected, there are two ways for you to transmit the file to ECCA PAYROLL+:

  1. Email
  2. Freshdesk

For Clients with Multiple Companies

If you are a multi-company client, it is recommended that you submit a separate file for each company.

You can utilize a single file. However, if doing so, you must include the ECCA client number for each employee record.





ECCA Client ID

Only for multi co clients reporting all employees in a single file


4 digit ECCA client ID

Employee identifier



ReadyPay ID or SSN

12DD amount


Double or currency

Total amount to be reported in Box 12DD.  this should be the total premium paid, including employer and employee contributions.